Free Smart Pump App for Android,
soon available in Google Play Store for download

Question: What is this Smart Pump stuff actually all about?

Answer: It's about a programmable microcontroller, made to control a pump. You don't need any programming skills. The free Android app (scroll down for screenshots) does all the setup work for you.

Principle: DC Peristaltic Pump + Smart Pump Controller + Smart Pump App for Android

Question: What can I do with such a pumping solution?

Answer: Very much. * Use it as a chain oiler and enhance the life span of your motor bike's chain, chainwheel and sprocket. * Use it to oil your metal workshop's band saw and save a decent amount of money because the saw blades lasts longer. * Feed your goldfish with liquid food. * Pump water, oil, blood, urine, acid, alkaline solution, liquid soap, cream and any fluid your pump is capable to handle (usually it's just a matter of choosing the right hose). Pump anything precisely at the flow rate and quantity you want. At home, in a laboratory, outdoor or wherever. Build a dispenser that gives you exactly X ml when you push a button. There is a wide range of possible applications you can realize with the Smart Pump Controller.

Short 3 minutes video that explains the principle

It's GREEN because it's repairable!

Tired of products that can't be repaired? Or where the repair costs an arm and a leg? The Smart Pump Controller is very green, sustainable and environmentally friendly in that way, that you can easily repair your pump system yourself. Example: Imagine after some years of use the encoder potentiometer, used to set the pump's flow rate, is worn out. Just buy any new one (it doesn't has to be equivalent to the old one), fire up the free Smart Pump App for Android, enter the specs of your new encoder pot and you're done.

The Smart Pump Controller's PDF manual (not yet online) guides you step by step through the start-up. If you follow that guide, you can trace down any problem and easily identify a broken module or component.

Some screenshots of the free Smart Pump App for Android

Main screen
Setup screen

Setup screen 1
Setup screen 2
Setup screen 3
Setup screen 4

Setup screen 5
Setup screen 6
Setup screen 7
Setup screen 9

The Smart Pump Controller (hardware) and the Smart Pump App (Android software) are a team.

The Smart Pump Controller is designed to work stand-alone. During normal operation the Smart Pump App is not required. So what's the sense of the Android App then anyway?

The factory settings of the Smart Pump Controller will probably not meet your needs. Usually you want to calibrate your pump in order to get utmost precision, and there are also other major settings you are likely going to change. The sense of the Smart Pump App is, to allow you to do all these customizations in a convenient and effortless way. Once you made the customizations you want, you do not need the Smart Pump App any longer. Actually you can delete it from your phone.

Yes, you can also remote control the Smart Pump Controller via App. But the Start-Stop buttons and the Speed slider just exist, to help you troubleshooting any possible errors you made. Start, Stop, Speed are the basics, and if it works for your pump, then you are on the right track. Again, the Smart Pump Controller is designed to work stand-alone (that means no app is required during normal operation). Attach an external handwheel or encoder potentiometer to the controller and you get a Start, Stop, Speed functionality, which is way more convenient than using the Android app.